I stand in front of my canvas and the veil of time drops leaving only the empty space. I mix colors and watch as the images take shape: faces are born, hopeful glances, unanswered questions, shared happiness, untold grief, loneliness, faith, moving, running, absolute stillness.

I am inspired by all that flows through me in the moments of a lifetime. The love around me is the absolute gift, my husband’s embrace, my children’s eyes, my dog’s chase, the waves’ dance,  the sunlit petals, the touch of gratitude.

 I started painting and drawing  long ago, before my teens. The life’s current took me in a different direction and I received my education in medicine where I have been given the privilege of landing amidst peoples’ lives in their time of need.

 I am eternally thankful for the inspiration I gain from the people in my every day, my patients, friends and family.

I was born and raised in Iran.   I  am lucky to also call Canada my home where I lived most of my life and did most of my growing up..so far. Since 2012 I have lived in California. Here I paint, photograph, write, practice medicine, and stillness.

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