Clinique médicale et centre de physiothérapie FORCEMEDIC BEAUBIEN

6455, rue Beaubien Est, Montréal, QC  H1M 1B1

" I am a patient of Dr. Mazza for about 25 years.
I never enjoyed my doctor’s appointment as I did this afternoon. 

LE GROUPE ARTRUISME SHAND-DUCROS has talented artists. The message you convey from your art work is calmness and tranquility which is a therapeutic tool.  

As I walked into the clinic, I transitioned from being stressed to a level of calmness. It was very magical.

I want to congratulate you all for sharing your talent with your Art display and providing the patients with a therapeutic  tool."

Warmest Regards,

Temporary pain of life 36 x 40 sold

Temporary pain of life SHAND 36W x 40H

Monica is my name

Monica is my name DUCROS 30 " c"

Group Hug 36 x 36 mazza

Group Hugg SHAND 36W x 36H

Betty's Ducky's Bath

Betty's Ducky's Bath DUCROS 30" x 60"


Unbending Will to Survive SHAND 48W x 24H

Sur la plus haute branche

Sur la plus haute branche DUCROS 30" x 60"

Dante s Paradise 40 x 60 sold

Dante's Paradise SHAND 40W x 60H sold

The Little King II

Le petit roi II DUCROS 16" x 16"

Passion of life 24 x 48 new

Passion of life SHAND 24W x 48H sold

Summit Circle

Summit Circle DUCROS 30" x 60"

The fish kiss (oil) _16W x 20H _NB

The Fish Kiss SHAND 16W x 20H sold